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Finding an illegal organic lab linked to china in america

Finding an illegal organic lab linked to china in america

Among other things, they experimented with the coronavirus at the facility.

An illegally operating biological laboratory linked to China has been found in California, it has been reported Washington Examiner. The facility was discovered last December, but the investigation was only completed recently.

The lab was discovered at Ridley, a site operating without permits. The facility housed nearly a thousand genetically modified mice that were susceptible to infection and spread of the coronavirus.

At least 20 infectious pathogens have also been identified in the laboratory.

The facility was discovered after an inspector noticed a suspicious slug in the park. The investigation and cleanup of the site took 76 days, involving 14 agencies, and ended in July. As it turns out, the lab and samples are owned by a company called Universal Meditech, which has been taken over by one of its creditors, Prestige Biotech.

Authorities were unable to connect a California operator’s address to either company. Prestige Biotech is a Chinese medical company founded in Nevada.

In March, Universal Meditech applied for warehouse and office space in Fresno, California. The company had been operating in the city before, but a fire broke out at the previous location. The address indicated in the application is located adjacent to Fresno Yosemite International Airport and the local Air National Guard base.

Recently, serious concerns have been expressed about China’s suspicious activities abroad. Suffice it to think of the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down in America, or the volume of sensitive data that can be collected by phones manufactured in Asian countries.

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