Find ancient oriental treasures

Find ancient oriental treasures

About 50 pieces of more than 2,500 years of Bronze Age objects have been found in a forest in western Sweden, according to Mti. The treasure, mainly made of jewelry, is one of the largest similar finds ever discovered in the country. The objects were discovered near the small town of Alingsas in April Thomas Carlson.

The results are believed to date back to between 750 and 500 BC. They include bronze necklaces, chains and needles that have been kept in very good condition. The objects were placed in open ground in the forest in front of some large rocks, and the animals were supposed to have dug them from the crack between the rocks.

Carlson initially thought he had found trash. “It looked like scrap metal.” Daggins Nehter told the local newspaper, “There is a lamp here, I thought at first.

When he got a closer look at things, he saw the weird swirl and pendant, but since it looked relatively new, he thought it was fake.

He eventually informed the local authorities and soon a team of archaeologists arrived at the site.

“Most of the discoveries are made of bronze and can be linked to a woman of high status in the Bronze Age,” she said. Johan LingFellow at the University of Gothenburg. In addition to necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, large needles and perforations were also found, which may have been used to decorate and tie clothes made of wool.

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