Financial stability has been maintained in Tapolca

Financial stability has been maintained in Tapolca

The ceremony began with a salute to those who had left during the elapsed period, with a silent main movement. Speaking about the impact of the virus situation on the city, Zoltan Dubbo said that over 460 million fort in unearned tax revenue should be lost – it’s my pleasure that no one is fired from the city’s businesses, we’ve tried to reorganize daily life before. We have set common goals that the residents have also helped achieve. We set up a fund to manage epidemics through redeployment and solicit public support. Accordingly, we have HUF 2.6 million in the public donation account, thanks for that. We have introduced disinfection services, emphasizing the importance of faster and more efficient work. As soon as possible, the city also engaged in social cooperation, thanking the organizations they worked for, and helped to comply with the rules – said the mayor and thanked the police, ambulance and firefighters in particular for the recent railway tragedy.

– We try to get our share of church life, for example, we organize programs in cooperation with historical churches. We have handed over the new downtown bus station, and hopefully the traveling public will soon be able to take possession of it as well. It was important to be able to give something to both the residential Diszel and Dobó. Diesel’s cultural establishment has been renovated, we’ve done a lot for the neighborhood residents in the residential area. The Sports Hotel has been operated under the auspices of Diák és közétkeztető Kft, and has been successfully operated. The grammar school building, fencing room, cinema development and children’s library have been renovated. The shore of the lake has become more beautiful, and we hope that the bridge will be replaced in the spring. Szent István park has been beautified, TAO developments are helping to increase the wealth of the city – Zoltán Dobó scored the results. He spoke about the Olympic successes and the Podmaniczky Prize, which, he said, is an appreciation for the joint work of many people. He expressed confidence that the city center will continue to beautify it and that more facades will be renovated in the future.

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The shore of Lake Malum is becoming more and more beautiful, and the renovation of the wooden bridge is expected to be completed this spring.
Source: Zsuzsa B. Tóth / Diary

– One of the results of the recent period is that we have invested in sewage treatment, but it is a coincidence that the performance of private municipal companies was good despite the difficulties caused by the epidemic. Student and public restaurants closed with significant economic results, the beach opened, we maintained green spaces, worked on urban development and media, and organized events. In terms of bidding projects, the city’s accession to the European Capital of Culture project is an important step, with which we can participate in a rich series of programmes, and the focus is on Tapolca. With the support of tenders, events can take place in the future, exercises can be conducted, and the mental state of the city’s residents can improve. Tender supports will also help drain rainwater. To my delight, business tax returns have increased by nearly twenty percent, and there is hardly any corporate space in the barracks. Thus, the city’s financial stability was maintained by close management and numerous resignations. Human life and health were in the first place, but we also thought about the future. In the past two years, we have planned investments and expenditures so that we can also develop in the coming years.

Plans include the rehabilitation of internal roads throughout the city. We will build public lighting in the Baracos neighborhood, we will renovate the funeral home in the new cemetery, and we will build a new home in the old cemetery.

The attic of the city museum will be converted into an exhibition hall, and we will help build a new Catholic kindergarten in the Dubbo district. We would like to use the children’s clinic on Berzsenyi Street and create a health center for children. We are continuing to renovate the facade, and there is a lot to fix in the city. Rainwater reconstruction is also included. There are many tasks ahead of us, the year will be short for implementation and we will have to tighten management – the mayor stated and asked the townspeople to help work with their constructive observations and advice. Look for the opportunity to agree, to help each other.

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