Finally got a good shot – Vilmos Gallo

The Hungarian men’s ice hockey team lost 4-2 to Slovenia, who were also preparing for the Group I World Championships, in a preparation match. We spoke to our scorers, Vilmos Gallo and Peter Vinczi, about the lessons learned from the match at the MVM Dome.

“I finally got in shape, finally got a shot that went really well. I hope to take this form with me to the World Championships as well.” – this is how he commented on the colossal goal that he scored for the Slovenes, after stealing a puck Wilmus Gallo for NSO TV. In our video, the striker talks in more detail about the match, its lessons, and the extra power brought by the home crowd.

Peter Vincennes only regrets that he did not win, his happiness would have been complete. But still His goal will remain unforgettable, as he is the first Hungarian hockey player who scored in the first official ice hockey game held at the MVM Dome. Our striker, who was named Man of the Match, also takes the lessons of the encounter one by one and, like Gallo, also talks about What an experience it will be for them against Canada next week.

World Cup preparation match
Slovenia 2–4 (1–2, 1–0, 0–2)
MWM Dome, 7363 view Answer: Babic, Soss, Kess-Kiraly, Vacci D.
Hungary: Rajna – Stipsicz, Fejes / Szabó B., Hadobás / Kiss R., Horváth M. / Garát, Pozsgai – Sebők, Hári J. (1), Gallo 1 / Transylvania CS, Partalis Eye, Sofron (1) / Nagy G., Papp K., Terbócs / Csányi, Nagy Krisztián, VINCZE P 1. union captain: Kevin Constantine
Slovenia: Crossell – Gregoryk 1, Pavlin/Crnović, Podlibnik (1) / Sibun, Macyk / Stojan – Cicelik (1), Orbas, Ferlick (1) / Druze 1, Simsic (1), Tomazevich 1 / Potsar 1, Pance, Zajc/Bericic, Koblar, Maver. union captain: Matjaz Kopitar

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Shot on goal: 32 – 35. Target Advantage – Man: 6/1 or 5/1.

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