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Finally a new detail;  It will also be playable at Gamescom [VIDEO]

Finally a new detail; It will also be playable at Gamescom [VIDEO]

Chinese Game Science has been working on the Souls clone for over three years now, so it’s high time you learned more about the game based on Journey to the West.

IGN got a chance to try out the new beta for Black Myth: Wukong, which reveals some details about an entire chapter as well as three boss fights. Some things were directly deleted by the developers, so we can’t see the leveling system from the demo, but we can see the abilities and equipment available during the middle of the game. The combat mechanics have been reworked, so there are more poses (Smash, Pillar and Thrust Form), but we will also have more transformation abilities, so we can transform into a poisonous creature or a wolf (Fireblade Wolf).

The first boss (Centipede Guai) has already appeared in the 2020 video. It is in a cave, it can roll over and hit, it also emits a poisonous gas that slowly affects our character, and an antidote must be used to prevent it. The second (Macaque Chief) is located in a snowy landscape. The movement of our character will affect the accumulation of snow, so the battle will be interactive. As health decreases, his aggression, attack range, and movement patterns increase significantly. The Tiger Vanguard boss has already appeared in the 2022 video. It is located in a bloody temple and has the highest attack speed and aggression. There will also be a hidden boss fight, the Poisoned King, who attacks us when we talk to him and then smash a “wine barrel” next to him. Fast and deadly attacks. This battle promises to be the most complex, so it won’t be easy…

Black Legend: Wukong already has Steam and Epic Games Store pages. It will also support DLSS 3 and ray tracing on PC when it comes to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC in the summer of 2024. Those who will be visiting Gamescom in the meantime (who knows, maybe someone has something to do in the Cologne area) can even try Game Science is spot on, so development may already be drawing to a close.

source: WCCFTech

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