Final Fantasy XVI: Doesn’t Square Enix want an in-house competitor? [VIDEO]

The Japanese publisher will be wary of dealing with two of its upcoming (and long-announced) games. Electronic Arts could have followed this mindset in 2016 as well…

The XboxEra podcast has sparked rumors about two Square Enix games. It sounds very strange, but who knows, there may be a stake in it. So, one of the presenters, Nick “Shpeshal_Nick” Baker (who had mostly reliable and accurate information anyway), claims that Final Fantasy XVI is a priority under the Japanese label. Square Enix will have more to say about this game in very little time anyway, and it’s almost certain that it will be part of the PlayStation broadcast in early June, since the trailer is already complete (we’ve covered these topics in detail previously).

But Final Fantasy XVI is not only important for Square Enix, it is a date / period to watch, since there is also Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, which will not be released on PlayStation 4 (here there may also be the announcement of the release date / period ), but the other important player in this thread may be pushed back to the fall.

Rumor has it that if Final Fantasy XVI releases this year, Square Enix may decide to delay Forspokent again, so it might be released in 2023, which might make sense because what we’ve seen so far is that it wasn’t very bright, so it’s not that two games Of the same kind you get very close to each other (Titanfall 2 suffered in Battlefield 1 in 2016; hopefully, Electronic Arts broadcasts). That way, Forspoken at Luminous Productions can get off to a better start, and Final Fantasy XVI won’t get an in-brand competitor.

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Of course, this is all unofficial. If Final Fantasy XVI isn’t released this year, Forspoken won’t be delayed again. If so, don’t be surprised if Forspoken silently passes through the next stage public.

source: PSL

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