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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth director is confident about the sequel

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth director is confident about the sequel

But this is clearly just marketing, because Square Enix will certainly continue to remake Final Fantasy VII, since for the Japanese publisher it is a brand from which it has made quite a few hits.

This week, a book titled Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania was published in Japan, which also features Kitase Yoshinori, the franchise's veteran producer. This was summed up on Twitter. Kitase believes that the third chapter of the Final Fantasy VII remake will likely be the last game he will work on given his age (he is currently 57 years old). That's why he wants to end the trilogy so that Cloud and the others can be happy in the end. It will finish the project favorably without any unfinished business, but this is just a personal opinion.

Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura had an interesting idea for when we fight Sephiroth. A character's existence can span across worlds, so they can exist in multiple universes at the same time. When Zack helps Cloud fight, they exist in a moment where their worlds connect. When Zack, Cloud, and the rest of the team fight the reborn Sephiroth, presumably on different worlds, they're all fighting the same creature.

Nomura states that many people did not expect Aerith to suffer the same fate in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth as she did in the original, which is why Cloud was able to fend off Sephiroth's attack. Why does Cloud have severe headaches followed by random flashbacks? There are several elements to this, but all you can say for now is that the character's state of mind rejects these flashback scenes, and that's what they're shooting with him. It's difficult to know whether or not Aerith is alive, and depending on what we see, it could be interpreted differently. Compared to the cloud, others see something completely different, and this has been confirmed.

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Against Jenova, the team fights with a full break due to anger, except for Cloud. Barrett even says it's a form of mourning. There's a scene where Cloud is holding Aerith and saying something, but the noise obscures it so it's not clear what he's saying. After the fight in the Forgotten Capital, Aerith appears next to Cloud, but Tifa does not see her. The team sits on the shore of the lake where Aerith was buried in the original game. It is unknown how or where Aerith came from when she assisted in the final battle against Sephiroth. Is the character alive upon completion or is it part of the Lifestream? Maybe the cloud is hallucinating? This is not yet known. The world where Zack lives, or where Aerith and Cloud appeared in Sector Five, has a crack in the sky. Does this mean the end of the world?

So there are still interesting questions that will be answered by the third part of Final Fantasy VII Remake coming in 3-4 years (maybe it will be called Reunion?).

source: WCCFTech

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