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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Designed for Rebirth [VIDEO]

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Designed for Rebirth [VIDEO]

Square Enix also reported on some of their locations, characters, and attack options.

Let's start with the locations. Starboard Junon is an urban residential area within the fortified city overlooking the ocean. Upscale boutiques and restaurants line the streets adjacent to Shinra's employee apartments. Preparations are currently underway here for Rufus Shinra's presidential inauguration show. Shinra-8: The Shinra cruise ship that travels between the eastern and western continents of the planet. After leaving the port of Junon, head to the Costa del Sol resort. As part of the on-board entertainment, the ship hosts a queens tournament.

A few words about the characters. As for Cait Sith and the Moogle, the former is a social cat who fights above her powerful knight moogle, who provides her with mobility and support during combat. When Kate's not fighting, her high-tech Sith and Muggle friend helps her hack into computer systems and find out fortunes. Elena (Piper Reese/Toyoguchi Megumi in the English/Japanese dub) is a rookie, but as skilled with her fists and guns as anyone in the Turkish unit of Shinra's Public Affairs Department. He and his partner Rude are tasked with hunting down the black-cloaked figures, which he is happy to do if it means landing a mission with Tseng. Captain Titov (Jonathan Lippo/Koyama Tsuyoshi) is the captain of the Shinra-8, responsible for the safe passage of passengers between Junon and the Costa del Sol. He has earned an excellent reputation among his staff due to his unwavering dedication to his duties. This is most evident during the various celebrations aboard his ship, which he personally (and passionately) organizes.

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Let's take a look at Juve's attacks. His basic attack is to quickly strike an enemy with a large throwing star. The speed at which he attacks allows him to recharge his ATB faster than most people. While her Throwing Star is out, Yuffie can unleash magic-infused “Ninjutsu” to punish enemies. He is also very good at chaining his attacks and switching their elemental affinity. His attack-like ability allows him to use his copy, allowing him to exploit the enemy's weaknesses more effectively. Thanks to his unique ability, he throws his star at enemies and keeps them under pressure from a distance. While your throwing star is out, you can also use ninjutsu to throw your opponents. Whatever item his target is weak to, Yuffie has a Ninjutsu spell on it.

Cait Sith flies across the battlefield with the agility of an acrobat (acrobat?), attacking the enemy from all sides. If he wanted to switch, he would eliminate his Muggle friend and change his attacks. Your exclusive abilities can hurt enemies or strengthen allies, but most of them rely on luck in some way. “let's ride!” It allows him to jump on the moogle, which enhances his normal attacks and unique abilities. With her unique ability, Cait Sith, riding her moogle engine, can smack an enemy with a powerful blow. When moogle attacks fill up the Moogle Gauge, you can boost your companions with abilities like Defense!, which boosts your defense. The synergy between Yuffie and Cait Sith is Moogle Pinwheel; They attack using secret ninja technique.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29 on PlayStation 5. Sephiroth is the main character in the video!

source: Gimatsu

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