Filmmakers attacked a polar bear in Greenland

Filmmakers attacked a polar bear in Greenland

A polar bear in Greenland has attacked documentary filmmakers several times. On Tuesday, the Danish army announced that this animal is a problem, which means that anyone can kill it if it attacks a human again.

The polar bear stuck its head in the carelessly closed window of a research station in northeastern Greenland, 400 meters from the Danish military base in Danneburg, at dawn on Monday, biting off one of the three men there before chasing it away with warning pistols. .

The injured documentary was first treated at the military base and then transported to Iceland for further treatment. The polar bear – whose previous five incidents have been known – returned to the scene that morning and then the night before Monday, Tuesday, when he managed to break a window before the two documentaries who stayed there drove him away again with alarm shots.

The northeastern part of the island in the far north of Denmark is currently experiencing a heat wave, with a record temperature of 23.4 degrees Celsius in the region. Experts say the disappearance of the ice sheet that serves as a hunting ground for polar bears is forcing the iconic Arctic animal to search for food on land. Conflict between humans and polar bears is still rare but increasingly common.

According to a study published in Nature Climate Change last July, polar bears could become extinct by around 2,100, and there are currently 25,000.

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