Filléres trükkök nemcsak kezdőknek: így lesz bőséges a termés a legkisebb kertben is

Filler tricks are not only for beginners: this way the crop will be abundant even in the smallest garden

If we have a garden, there is a good chance that we can enjoy fresh and tasty vegetables almost all year round, and we do not have to give up all that, even if we can only grow a small crop. The good news is that we can also grow a number of vegetables that can delight us with bountiful crops, even in small places, at all times of the year. We’ve rounded up some plants and practices that will ensure success even in a small area!

Many good vegetables can fit in a small space, and nothing proves this more than, say, a garden of about 130 square meters that is enough to produce enough vegetables for a family of four. Fresh fruits can not only perfectly fit into our diet, but also provide good relaxation while caring for them, he writes Web garden balcony. Moreover, in most cases, we don’t even have to wait months to enjoy the fruits of our labor. To be sure of success, you may want to use the following practices:

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1. Cultivation of high-yielding crops

If we have less space, choose vegetables that produce higher yields even in smaller areas. But we can also choose container-friendly plants, which can also be put to good use in small portions. For example, in the case of cauliflower, one piece can take up a lot of space, while more grains can be harvested in the same area. Eggplant, radish, chard, onions, peppers, and eggplant can also be good choices. Moreover, it can be grown not only in gardens, but also on balconies and terraces.

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2. Create a vertical garden

If you have a small crop, it may be an ideal choice for vegetables that can be grown vertically. Examples include beans, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, and various herbs.

3. A hanging basket can also be an excellent choice

While these baskets can be very showy in the yard, they are practical. This way we can enjoy tomatoes, hot peppers, salads and herbs alike. This is one of the most ideal ways because it takes up little space and can be a decorative decoration for our home.

4. Play with Pages and Shadow

Basil, for example, enjoys hot sun as well as shade — say tomatoes. That is why it is useful to take advantage of opportunities and combine our plants: radishes, peas and spinach are also worth growing alongside slow-growing vegetables, because they do not take up space and in many cases provide shade to each other.

5. Try custom tactics to save space

Oftentimes, our creativity depends solely on how we manage our territory or our unused objects. For example, we can grow herbs in plastic bottles – which is good not only for ourselves but also for the environment. But we can use pallets, ladders or even wall-mounted cases, it all depends on our imagination and taste.

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