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Figure Skating World Championships: the Russian gold medal in doubles, and the fourteenth place is the Hungarian duo

Russian Anastasia Messina, Alexander Galgamov double, won the doubles competition on Thursday at the World Figure Skating and Figure Skating Championships in Stockholm, with Chtchetinina Ioulia, the MARC double, ranked 14th with the highest score of her career.


The Hungarian pair had 106.66 points versus Thursday’s production, which is three times more than its best production so far, and their Olympic stake remains unconfirmed. In this number, 16 will be granted entry rights to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, but based on a special account, so 14th place alone does not guarantee eligibility. The Hungarian Federation is currently awaiting confirmation from the International Federation (ISU) on whether Chtchetinina and Hungary won 10th place last year in the European Championships.

Last year’s European champion, Alexander Bojkova, duo Dmitry Kozlovsky was still in the lead after the short program, but on Thursday he was no longer able to skate wonderfully and eventually had to win a bronze medal.

In second place in 2017 and 2019 Chinese world champion Su Wing Qing, the duo Han Cung closed.

Global workshop

1. Anastasia Messina and Alexander Galgamov (Russian) 227.59 points
2. Su Wing Qing, Han Cung (Chinese) 225.71
3. Alexander Bozhkova, Dmitry Kozlovsky (Russian) 217.63
… 14. Chtchetinina Ioulia, Hungarian Mark 157.87

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