Fifty years ago, five thieves were arrested and resigned by the President of the United States for two years

Five detainees tried infiltrating the Democrats’ officeThis is where Alfred E. Lewis, a veteran police reporter for the Washington Post, showed up on that day, exactly fifty years ago, on June 17, 1972. From an upscale, well-combed university, the story flew. It is unlikely that Woodward and Carl Bernstein, a lousy rebellious Jew, will unveil the years of the President of the United States, Richard Nixon, after years of hard work, proving that he not only knew but also organized the expulsion of his political opponents. A week after the anniversary week of House hearings The US legislature on how and how the ruling United States President, Donald Trump, would foment rebellion against the American constitutional order in order to retain power.

The ex-CIA, the four Cubans, and the 23rd in a row have hundreds of dollars

“Five people, including one who claimed to be a former CIA employee, were arrested at 2:30 a.m. yesterday in a case that authorities described as a comprehensive plan to crack down on Democratic National Committee offices,” a June report. 17. It was clear from the first sentence that there was more than just a burglary.

Watergate office building in Washington, April 1974. Almost two years earlier, at 16:30 on June 16, 1972, five thieves were arrested in the offices of the Democratic National Committee.

Photo: – / AFP

The goal was the Democratic quasi-presidency, the central office of the presidential campaign that was already in full swing at the time, which would have allowed Democrats’ opponents access to a great deal of information about the Democrats’ election strategy. And even then, it was known that one of the robbers was definitely involved with American intelligence, whose activities were not yet constrained by the presidential decrees issued by Nixon’s successor, Gerald Ford, as a result of Watergate.

Lewis wrote in the second sentence of his report, “Three of them were born Cubans, and a fourth a Cuban trained, who were said to have been exiled to guerrilla warfare after the Bay of Pigs invasion,” reinforcing the feeling that something stinks. Moreover, one of the Cubans was an officer in the military intelligence of the Batista regime. The other’s wife had already told her husband’s lawyer, Douglas Cady, at the dawn of the burglary that it was a mistake. Her husband divorced her if she did not call her lawyer until three in the morning.

Reading with Hungarian Eyes, surprisingly so much of Lewis’s first article on the subject has been revealed. Especially if we add that it was written on the day of the burglary and appears in the next issue of the post. Compared with the fact that the thieves were caught at three o’clock in the morning of June 16, we can already say from the next day’s article that advanced bugs and a large amount of money, which would be suitable for wiretapping, will cost $ 2,300 (today it will be $ 16,000).) They are found in denominations of one hundred dollars with consecutive serial numbers.

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