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In the Csalloköz club, they were very ready for the duel against the Young Angels. This mini-series, which ran for two victories, depended on whether Suja Tímeá’s side would return to fourth place, from which they had relegated two seasons earlier (in the loft playoffs, teams that were more important playing strengths were waiting for them).

But in the end they suffered two defeats at the hands of the people of Kasia. At home, they held a double-digit lead against them, but the Easterns could finally be happy (64:52), as the Young Angels also won a smoother second game of the weekend (86:59).

There is an ongoing problem with our defense, both individually and collectively. Defenders often slept in the second line during assault and siege operations. In addition, our turnover has also been narrowed. Previously, we played basketball with eight other players routinely besides the youth, but during this process, this number has been reduced to six players due to motherhood and study reasons. That’s why we convinced Júlia Lelkes to come back, who had already given up playing actively after graduating medical school when, unfortunately, she broke her ribs in the return leg. Qualifiers are also mentally challenging for more experienced people. Against the fast Kassa team, we didn’t manage to stop them from switching to high speed. But I still dare say that the Young Angels are not a better team than us when it comes to basketball skills Albert Diossi, Somorja’s technical director, explained to our newspaper.

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Csalloköz residents were confident because they beat Kassia both times in the regular season, and also surprised Rózzahegy’s team in the Federal Cup, but in the end – to paraphrase the expert’s words – they could continue to the playoffs against less strong teams.

The goal is to get fifth place, which also does not promise to be an easy task. It is important that no one gets hurt and that I don’t overload any of the players. Young people must get used to the fact that after being replaced, it is enough just to maintain the advantage, and they do not necessarily need to increase the advantage – of course, this is a completely normal reaction in their case, which is why they are young. In general, we are not frustrated, we are trying to win the remaining matches Diosi added.

The first match will be played against the smaller team of Bésztercebánya, and the first home match will be played on Friday (19.00) against UMB. On the other side, CBK from Casa City meets pop radios. The winner of the quarter-final matches will play for fifth place and the two losers for seventh place.

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