The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming

FFT: The December issue of FourFourTwo!

The 4th or December 2020 issue of FourFourTwo is now in the newsstands!

Of the content

• Our Cover Star Arsene Wenger. Thanks to his remarkable time at the helm of Arsenal, he enjoys a place among the greatest coaches of all time, even if the last few seasons have not been so rosy. The French specialist told our magazine a lot about everything, and he had time to rethink everything in two years without Arsenal.

• This issue is also intriguing: no one has sent an article to the Hungarian editorial office, as anyone of Hungarian descent has done. Joe’s Eschterhas The world-famous screenwriter who made his name in movie history with Elemental Instinct, Flashdance, and Lying in America. He wrote the newspaper at his home in Ohio – literally because he uses a typewriter – to explain to readers why he pledged to write the textbook for the most famous Hungarian film about Ferenc Puskas’s life.

“My deep affection for Oxi Puskas is inextricably intertwined with the love I felt for my father. István Eszterhás was a Hungarian writer and composer. He grew up in extreme poverty in Kispest. (…) When my father started running, he became the manager of Kispest football club, and in This position met the exceptionally talented teenager, Öcsi Puskás. They became buddies. I loved Puskas dad very much. Not only because of his talent, but also because he was full of fire, warmth and intense passion for Hungarian football …

He talked about Uncle Oxy’s matches, goals and impressive victories. (…) I trampled in my early teenage years when I got to meet the famous Uncle Oxy. He visited Cleveland. Uncle Oxy was carrying some kind of soccer archer on a school playground while a group was talking to my Hungarian … once he turned to me and asked, ” Do we play football a little? “. My feet were rooted to the ground. I knew that Babe Ruth was calling baseball or Otto Graham for American football. Or like playing around with professional boxer Joe Lewis.”

In my Uncle Joe article, Joe continues Eszterhas recalling how producer Andy Vagna asked him to work. Reports of his collection of materials in Hungary, about how Ferenc Puskas saved his life after the war; Madrid accident at the Bernabéu stadium; When and how to find out what title Puskás should be.

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Ask the Whitesk! The popular box this time Luka Modric He answered the questions of FFT readers. “When they called me the Golden Ball, I couldn’t catch it, and I had to calm down a little in front of it.” The Croatian star said to Real Madrid.

• Thiago Alcantara After the BL victory, Bayern Munich was signed to Liverpool. Paul broke the Premier League record with testimony from a Spanish genius: Thiago immediately stole himself to the hearts of the Reds, although the good was still behind. Century proof still looks like a stellar blast in the football sky.

Twenty years ago, a Coventry Almost three and a half decades of success in the first division, but since then the elimination has been their least fearful: the financial crisis, the misery of the stadiums and the overweight elephant have made club life more bitter …

• Peter Schmeichelank He had a wonderful career, which we remember. Eight years, ten big awards and a deposit that Hollywood would envy. Bergkamp treated and expelled Sir Alex Ferguson from the team and later became a legend.

• Another quote from the past: When Paul Gascoigne Becoming the head coach of Kettering, the team’s fans dared to dream big. But despite the big influence on everyone, the drink put an ugly end to the attempt.

• He who does not remember it Anzi Mahasscala? The dream of obtaining star certificates, European titles and first-class travel seemed a reality thanks to the billionaire owner, but the former Balázs Dzsudzsák club is now fighting to survive in the Russian third division.

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• a Dead files In our series, one of the many absurd “files” of Hungarian football occurs month after month. This time, the history of the fur issue was discussed by David Lanzapam.

• She continued Kasaba Furus A series in which the author addresses astonishing events with the help of declassified documents from archive encryption. In the final section, he writes that in the 1970s, secret services chased soccer players in their eyes with just as much intensity as in previous decades, yet far less data has survived from this period. The historical archives of the state security services have preserved documents from this period indicating that even if there was no real picture of the enemy of the servants of a period such as a post-unification house, they did not despair: they were created for themselves.

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