Festetics Castle's ceremonial outdoor renovation has been completed

Festetics Castle’s ceremonial outdoor renovation has been completed

The building also received new decorative lighting. The complete renovation may be completed by the end of 2021.

Festetics Castle is being renovated in Dég as part of the National Castle program. Preparations began for work in 2016, and the project began in 2018, she wrote Architect Forum. The designer responsible for the rehabilitation is the architect Kenja Jaraguli. The Festetics Castle in Dég is the oldest and most important classical Hungarian castles. The renovation work may be completed by the end of 2021, and with the facade retrofit, the building is already awaiting the construction of a permanent exhibition in a new light.

At the current pace, the front of the castle has been secured for a long time. The new decorative lighting was designed by László Kralicsek and András Klosz. “In addition to the general exterior lighting of the building, we also wanted to emphasize the architectural elements – such as the arcades and the eardrum – that emphasize the spatial plasticity through separate indoor and outdoor lighting. Special slopes lit by low beam lamps.” Kinga Jaraguli told the architects forum.

Full article from Architects Forum on the renovation Here You can read.
Here you can see More pictures of the new decorative lighting.

Photo: National Castle and Castle Program

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