Ferrari engine gets ‘significant’ upgrade


Tuesday, August 10, 2021, 6:20 pm


Ferrari won’t give up fighting even after half the season, they need to be third, so there are still some innovations in their portfolio this year. However, we still have to wait a bit.

After the Hungarian Grand Prix, despite the fact that one of their drivers, Charles Leclerc, had run in the Kalamica post-start, Ferrari was able to start the summer holiday in relief, managing to tie the constructors points race with McLaren third in places. collected so far. While it was never ideal for the Reds to “only” fight for the lowest podium score, they are now throwing themselves into the fight. Even this is less than half a year and a new generation of cars arrives.

Now, at the start of the summer break, team boss Mattia Binotto has spoken about the team’s readiness for engine upgrades for the fall. Although no complete change can be expected due to engine immobilization, according to Italy, innovations will still be a step forward if the rules are followed. He also explained how to interpret this ad.

“We will develop our resources. Just to clarify the 2021 rules: You get a completely new resource. That means you can make some improvements to every component, whether it’s an internal combustion engine, a turbo, an MGU-H, a MGU-K or whatever. So it is possible to work on the individual components separately, the important point is that in the end the engine itself must be standardized, specification 2021.

Binotto revealed that they were building on the previous year’s engine, so they may still be free to make wrinkles on it. “We didn’t finish revamping the entire resource at the start of the season. Some parts are still from last year. We will update these now. I think it will be an important step for the rest of the season,” said the team boss.

But when was this expected? Binotto has cooled his spirits, and they will not be posted immediately. They may have at least two tough races ahead, as promotions are timed after Monza. “We’re going to have a tough race because we’re seven decades behind, and a lot of that, at least sixty percent, comes from the engine. In light of that, we’re waiting behind Mercedes and Honda. Belgium is a track where engine power is of great importance and the lap difference will be,” the expert predicted. Especially amazing.” In the field of engines, this is not the only information about Ferrari, it was previously admitted that after the collision in Hungaroring, they may not be able to salvage the damaged Leclerc resources, so he can expect a penalty later in the season. Perhaps a more powerful engine will be able to make up for lost positions.

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