Berágott a Ferrari, Justin Bieber nem kap tőlük több autót 1

Ferrari bites it, Justin Bieber won’t get any more cars from it

The topic was submitted by Justin Bieber, but the story is now started by Jay Leno. Jay Leno is a group of some of the world’s most dedicated car enthusiasts, and the star of American television is practically the living and hands-on history of transportation itself. She really owned everything in her possession, from steam cars to the latest electric models.

He’s never owned anything, namely a Ferrari. He says that it is not worth owning a Ferrari because of the hysterical attitude of the Italians, the behavior of dealers and the relationship with customers, although he considers them great cars anyway.

Strange rules of the Italians (buying many entry-level Ferraris is a requirement to buy a high-end model), strict standards of authenticity prevented Jay Leno from buying, and now Justin Bieber may have tried a Ferrari while he’s not talking in the air.

According to Spanish newspaper, Marca, the world famous singer has already been banned, which means Ferrari will not sell him a car outright. The singer got her first bad points when she remodeled her 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition with the all-star West Coast Customs expert workshop.

Ferrari bites it, Justin Bieber won't get any more cars from it 2

Later he put another shovel in his position as he auctioned the 458 without informing Ferrari. According to the information, the Italian brand has a strict agreement with American buyers that gives them a preemptive right to cars.

Presumably, however, Justin Bieber’s heart will not be broken and, if he wants, he will dissolve the Ferraris acquisition. Furthermore, since no official confirmation has been received from either party, it is likely that there is no ban list, and it is unrealistic, according to, that the collector, who is arguably a “field” Ferrari owner, should be treated as That’s how it is at Ferrari.

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