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Ferrari already turns "90-95 percent" by 2022 - F1VILÁG.HU

Ferrari already turns “90-95 percent” by 2022 – F1VILÁG.HU

Ferrari produced one of the weakest years of its F1 history in 2020: it only ranked sixth in the constructors’ points race, but this year it managed to improve its form significantly, and although it did not reach the world title, You may have a chance to win third place in the constructor.

Regardless of this year’s championship, however Ferrari is already preparing steam-powered for the 2022 season.

“We’ve almost completely transformed, so it’s a fact set with us,” said Sports Director Laurent Mickes.

“If we wanted to quantify, we had already swapped 90-95 percent.”

While McLaren Team Leader Andreas Seidel said that they will not stop developing this year’s car for a while because they want to finish third in design, At Ferrari, they didn’t change their original plans.

“This thing is quite clear to us – we focus on 2022,” said McKis.

“The fact that the field is so narrow and that a few hundred or tenths is enough to move you from sixth to third does not change our strategy, we are focusing on it next year.”

We have already reallocated the vast majority of our existing resources. This does not mean that some things will not change in the car, because we are always learning something on the right track. But we are focusing on the coming year, even if the field is very narrow. For us, that is a clear decision. ”

According to McKees The lack of improvements in 2021 wouldn’t disappoint the competition team – Reality.

“I think it brings good too, because as a competitive team, development is always somewhat obscured by the developments we bring on the right track. We never know how far our opponents have evolved, we always only know how far we’ve evolved. But this time, there won’t be. Slight improvement. ”

“We know that only a few tenths, maybe a few centuries, cars separate from each other, and that depends on how well we are prepared for a particular site in our factory and on the racetrack. So I think that’s good news for the racing team, because to report that we have what we have to compete with.” With him, and the fact that the field is very narrow, is a huge challenge for us. ”

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