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Ferencvaros won, leading his group E again with the points advantage

Ferencvaros won, leading his group E again with the points advantage

In the second minute, the Serbs frightened us with a dangerous corner kick, while Amer Gojak received a few minutes later a promising ball from Ferencvaros, but the first twenty minutes passed without a real chance to score.

But in the twenty-third minute, not only the situation came, but also the goal! Ferencvaros took advantage of the fact that the visiting team was temporarily short of men due to Sanogo’s treatment. After Gojak’s pass, Borgan saved Christopher Zacharisen’s first shot, but the Norwegian actually hit the rebound into the net.

Even after the goal, the events did not intensify much, but knowing the advantage of the ground, we had no sense of loss, and both teams went off in the first half with a score of 1-0.

At the start of the second half, the Serbian champion almost hit Ferencvaros with a goal within half a minute, but it was seen in the video room that Besix was shaking hands before firing at the goal.

In the 50th minute, Ryan Mami’s shot rebounded from one of the Serbian defenders, and the ball bounced off the post. Not that a few minutes later, when Mitrovic carried the ball single-handedly onto the field after Frady’s corner.

The next corner kick was so much better! From a Pászka pass, Samy Mmaee regained the lead in favor of Ferencváros.

And there was an opportunity to increase the superiority, Zakariassen only saw the guard in front of him, but Bakari, coming from behind, pushed him away. The referee considered that the owner of the first goal gave himself up easily, and indicated to continue.

Goalkeeper Borjan brought Zvezda twice, first Traore hit his head with the ball, then the ball bounced over the goal, and later forced a fight with Tokmak who came on as a substitute.

The attacking line of the guests was not without danger either, Ivanic and Besic both found passes inside the penalty area, but neither of them shot accurately.

In the last 10 minutes, the goal was much more on the counter-attacks of Freddy, Tokmak pushed the ball past Burgan, but did not catch it in front of the baseline. The goalkeeper later made a superb save from Ryan Mami and then Tokmak, in the latter case, thirty-five meters from his goal, with a header.

In the five-minute overtime, the seventeen-year-old Mijatovic’s shot traveled between the legs, but also near the left post. But this was not the last equalizing opportunity: after a foul by Sami Maei, the Belgrade team managed to take a free kick almost from the penalty area.

However, Dibusz parried Kangwa’s shot, and Ferencváros won!

The Hungarian champion has taken a big step towards promotion, and in order not to even get third place and the European Conference League, all teams will have to finish the group with nine points, and Frady should have the worst goal difference between them.

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