Ferencváros - Ihor Haratin also did a very good job on my sale

Ferencváros – Ihor Haratin also did a very good job on my sale

Ukrainian footballer Ihor Hratin, who is leaving Ferencvaros, will take the sweet memories with him to Warsaw and send a message to Ferencvaros fans through the national sport.

Haratin (right) has had a hit with Ferencváros and is hoping to win titles in Legia as well (Photo: Miklós Szabó)


– Is he in Warsaw?
Response to National Sports: “Now in Kiev” Ihor Haratin The 26-year-old Ukrainian midfielder, who moved from Ferencvaros to Legia Warsaw in Poland last week. “I was with the national team, and although I did not play, the new captain of the Federation, Alexander Petrakov, was curious about me.

Sold Legionary Legion to FTC
Ferencvaros made a good deal with the sale of Ihor Hratin. The Ukrainian national football team was certified four times by the Federal Trade Commission in January 2019, which, according to Transfermarkt, paid 600,000 euros for it. Legionnaires Sergey Rebrov and Peter Stoger, who won three championship titles with the Hungarian team, were considered regular players, and the head coaches rested only in rare cases during the rotation. His contract was due to expire next summer, according to information from Poland, Legia paid about 1 million euros for it, which means that the FTC oversold it.

– How long will you stay at home?
– My wife and I are going to Poland on Wednesday, and I have to apply for training for the first time on Thursday.

– Why Legia?
– You made a difficult decision. I received many offers, but I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I respect my contract with Legia, and will now only focus on my time in Poland. I thought Legia was the perfect place for me to evolve and find new challenges.

– Do you really want to leave?
The change had several components. Remember that Ferencváros went well with my sale, and it was important to me too. I made the decision with a heavy heart, and it’s hard to talk about. I felt it was time to switch. I can test my knowledge in a new country, in a new league, in a new club.

– In three years he won three titles with Ferencvaros, and also entered the Champions League and European League group. What are you most proud of?
– Probably to enter the circle of the BL group. When I fell in Hungary at that time, that was all that flew before my eyes. Before I signed my contract, we spoke a lot with the captains of Ferencvaros about this, the clear objective of the club was the main board of directors of BL, and I am proud that twenty-five years later this feat is once again successful. But I also consider it a great achievement that we became champions for three seasons in a row. This is not easy to achieve anywhere. It’s hard to win a championship title, but it’s probably more difficult to defend, especially twice. And let’s not forget that in the meantime I became a member of the Ukrainian national team. I presented myself in the team against Germany, and this was followed by a confrontation against the Poles, the French and the Spaniards. Not a bad list. I hope it is over.

Do you have a favorite match from the Ferencvaros period? The fight against Juventus or Barcelona, ​​maybe a fight against Misocoviced?
– Let’s stay with the BL matches instead… We played very well away against Juventus, and I will never forget that night. Closest to me, though, is probably the ninety minutes in Barcelona, ​​because even though we’re out five and a half minutes, one doesn’t enter the gates of the Catalans every day. I remember posting a picture from the Camp Nou on my community page eight months before the match As a tourist, I never remembered I would be playing there soon in a betting match and even hit the goal.

– In three years, he will probably have many friends in Ferencváros. Who misses the most?
– I have a good relationship with my teammates, and I can’t say a bad word to anyone. At first I did not speak much English, but I began to learn the language, and I became more and more involved in the conversation. I have befriended a lot of players, but most of all I will miss Lassa Dvale and Mirto Uzuni.

– Have you met your new teammates yet?
– not yet. When I was in Warsaw last week for a medical, I had tests and after signing the contract we took some pictures with the new jersey in the stadium garden. I haven’t met the guys, they’re coming on Thursday.

Do you have a message for Ferencvaros fans?
I always think of them with a good heart. After it turned out that I was leaving, I got so many messages from them that it was impossible to read them all, let alone reply to them. They created an atmosphere at Groupama Arena that I will never forget. I take the memories with me. So who knows, perhaps one day I will return to Hungary, to Ferencváros.

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