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Ferenc Komen: After Brexit, there will be new British investments in Hungary

According to Ambassador Ferenc Komen in London, the British not only noticed, but also openly appreciated, that Hungary rejected from the start the idea that due to Brexit, some people wanted to teach islanders their decision – read in an interview with Diplomat No.

In a period that created an entirely new political, economic and social situation due to the coronavirus pandemic and the UK’s exit from the European Union, Ferenc Komen, who previously held the position of Consul General in New York in May 2020, told the newspaper that Hungary had tried one of the member states influencing EU decisions that You direct things in a way that does not represent the decisive situation. Stressing that this positive atmosphere is the basis of the post-Brexit relations between the United Kingdom and Hungary, he said: “We are now facing a more fruitful and more cooperative period, where in 2021 we will have a lot in common. Past year. ”

Ferenc Komen also confirmed that after the exit, Hungary was recognized as an investment destination, which is also reflected in investor decisions.

“We know that many UK companies are planning to expand or expand into Hungary, and there are already advanced negotiations, and these are very good signs.”

he added.

With regard to the educational programs and scientific cooperation that have been organized so far within the framework of the European Union, the ambassador said that they are fully prepared to replace them with bilateral agreements after the withdrawal. Discussions in this area have shown that British universities also need foreign students who drop out due to Brexit, and the proceeds of additional fees.

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“We learned today that we do not have to be afraid of the migration of gray matter as we did in the first decade of the current century, which makes up for a lot for the potential losses,” said Ferenc Komen of Magyar Ntzt. He indicated that their work in the embassy will always have a task and a priority responsibility to counter the biased criticism of the Hungarian government’s actions in the British media, based on inaccurate information.

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