Fencing: The quarter-finals of the women’s dagger team entered into a struggle

Flora Pastur missed the eighth final, but finished ninth in Plovdiv.

Flórá Pásztor finished ninth in Plovdiv (Photo: Nemzeti Sport)

Our women’s daggers Shepherd Flora After their impressive bronze medal on Saturday, they entered the Plovdiv pasture in the first small team competition of the Olympic qualifying series, with the focus on Paris. Venezuela got out without a problem, but fought against China to no avail Kata KondrichFor example, if Pásztor opens with 0:5, the final man, Fanny Krish But with a lead of 23:22, he could not finish the ace victoriously. Continuing, he took only ninth place, that is, the best available position, in front of the girls’ eyes, and after defeating Austria, South Korea and Spain, they fought for the ninth place, which is important for qualification in the future.

In Cali, the main table of the individual marathon for male and female fencers was contested with four plus two Hungarians. By the time we closed, both genders made it to the Final Eight, where they were the only ones to make itMate Koch He qualified, but was eliminated there as well.

World Cup, Acapolo
Men’s dagger, single

1 – Mohamed Hamza (Egyptian)
2 – Cheung (Hong Kong)
3 – Marini (Italian) and Meinhart (American),
… 30. Daniel Dosa
… 40. Gergo Simes

men’s team
To reach the round of 16: Hungary-Puerto Rico 45:16 (Szemes +12, Frühauf +10, Tóth G. +7)
Round of 16: Hungary – Hong Kong 35:45 (Dósa +5, Szemes +2, Tóth G. -8, Frühauf -9)

Plovdiv World Cup competition
Women’s dagger, team
To reach the round of 16:
Hungary – Venezuela 45:27 (Kondricz +7, Lupkovics +6, Kreisz +3, Pásztor +2)
Round of 16: Hungary-China 27:28 (Kundrich +8, Lubkovic -1, Pasteur -3, Krech -5)
9-16. for place: Hungary-Austria 45:39 (Pásztor +9, Kondricz +2, Kreiss -1, Lupkovics -4)
9-12. for place: Hungary – South Korea 45:25 (Kondricz +9, Pásztor +6, Lupkovics +5)
For ninth place: Hungary – Spain 45:43 (Kreisz +4, Pásztor +3, Kondricz -5)

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The final result
1. France
2. Italy
3. United States
… 9. Hungary (Kata Kondrich, Fanny Krech, Dora Lubkovic, Flora Pachtor)

Grand Prix, Cali
Men’s pairs, singles
To get to 32:
Gergely Siclusi – Young Kwon (South Korea) 15:11, Mattie Koch – Pitch (German) 13:6, Davide Nagy Lopez-Portier (French) 15:5, Gaetani (Italian) – Gergely Kovacs 15:7
To reach the round of 16: Pereira (Spanish) – Siclosi 15:13, Koch – Jamada (Japanese) 9:6, Unterhauser (German) – Nagy D. 15:12
Round of 16:Biran (Czech Republic) – Koch 12:9

women, singles
To get to 32:
Kun Anna-Lim Ju Mi (South Korea) 15:9, Eszter Muhari-Jung Ji Jun (South Korea) 15:8
To reach the round of 16:Vitalis (French) – Con 15:14, Cibola (American) – Mehari 15:12

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