Fencing: Andras Szattmari won a bronze medal at the GP in Tunisia

András Szatmári won a bronze medal at the Fencing Grand Prix in Tunisia, and Csanád Gémesi and Anna Márton also finished in the top eight.

Andras Szatmari fought brilliantly this time too (Photo: István Mirko/Magyar Nemzyt, Archives)

Four of our male and four female fencers made it to the main draw of the Tunisian Grand Prix, whose fights took place on Sunday.

And although there were sad moments during the day, in general we have more reasons to be happy, as three Hungarian fencers also made it to the eights table, or as they say in sports, the final in Tunisia.

Ladies, under Priority (and Anyway), let’s talk about our big returns, Martin About Annawho fought brilliantly during the day – the fact that he lost the quarter-finals may have been due to the fact that he was tired, but this is perhaps not so surprising after a year and a half absence.

Just as it was not the result of his teacher, Gabor Gardos, who whispered to us a few days ago: “I expect Banca in the eight in Tunisia, if he misses a year and a half, if not.”

Coach Gardus was also able to lobby for another Sunday student, W.J Andras Szatmary He participated in another round, where he made it to the top four, losing to Georgian Szandro Bazadze, thus winning the bronze medal.

We only have one comment about the individual world champion: We’ve expected him to medal in the individual competitions for a long time.

Third great performance of the day Csanád Gemesi He performed, once again proving that he never gives up: he won 15:14 against his current opponent in the first and second rounds, and then, in the round of 16, he won with one stroke in his favor – against Luca Coratoli, who is seeded in first place. Then he had the same method from another Italian classic, Luigi Samele, to get into the top four, so the classic from Gödöllő finished seventh.

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Grand Prix Competition, Tunisia
sword. Individually. men. To get to 32: Szatmári-Pak Szang Won (Korea Republic) 15:11, Cs. Gemesi-Garrigue (French) 15:14, Curatoli (Italian) – Galgóczy 15:7, Elsziszi (Egyptian) -G. Horváth 15:14. To reach the round of 16: Szatmári – Streets (Japanese) 15:6, Gémesi Cs. -Elsziszi 15:14. Round of 16: Szatmári-Csap (Ukrainian) 15:10, Gémesi Cs.-Curatoli 15:14. Quarter-finals: Szatmári – Neri (Italian) 15:10, Samele (Italian) – Gémesi Thurs 15:14. Semi-finals: SZ Pazadze (Georgian) – Zatmiri 15:12
Thin. To get to 32:
Pusztai-Bunyatova (Azerbaijan) 15:4, Katona-Mukae (Japan) 15:11, Márton-Li Hanah (South Korea) 15:13, Battai-Skarbonkiewitz (American) 15:8. To reach the round of 16: Márton – Gkuntura (Greek) 15:14, Rotili (Italian) – Pusztai 15:11, Gregorio (Italian) – Katuna 15:9, Eifler (German) – Patae 15:11. Round of 16: Marton-Chamberlain (USA) 15:11. Quarter-finals: Georgiado (Greek) – Martin 15:9

World Cup, Paris
rest time.
Team. men. to get to the last 16: Hungary-Mexico 45:30 (Szemes +6, G. Tóth +4, Mihályi +3, Dósa +2). Round of 16: South Korea – Hungary 45:30 (Szemes -3, Dósa -3, Mihályi -4, Tóth G. -5). 9-16. for place: Spain-Hungary 45:43 (Szemes +11, Dósa +2, Mihályi -7, Tóth G. -8). 13-16. for place: Belgium-Hungary 45:26 (Mihályi -3, Szemes -7, Dósa -9). For the fifteenth place: Hungary-Argentina 45:25 (Dósa +13, Szemes +6, Mihályi +1)
Thin. To reach the round of 16:
Hungary-Mexico 45:28 (Kundrich +12, Pastur +3, Chris +2). Round of 16: Canada-Hungary 44:36 (Kondricz +1, Pásztor +1, Kreiss -10). 9-16. for place: Hungary – Singapore 45:37 (Kundrich +10, Pastur +9, Mysteri -11). 9-12. for place: South Korea – Hungary 45:35 (Pásztor +1, Kondricz -4, Mesteri -7). For the eleventh place: Hungary-Austria 45:29 (Pastur +14, Mestre +4, Kondrich -2)

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