Femininity has become a science, and amazing results have been published

No one thinks someone can explain why so many cat videos are seen on the internet, but researchers at Kassa Veterinary University in Slovakia have now made over a hundred of these creations in quick succession in the name of science. Computer scientist.

The vets were interested in whether it was possible to categorize the cats’ feelings toward each other based on their behavior, such as the expectation that they would fight.

Anyone who has had cats can only smile at this, but scientists were serious about weaning them. They posted an invitation to wait for the videos, and in the end, in addition to the dozens of recordings received, they also downloaded a lot from YouTube, choosing those with poor picture quality, missing important moments, or those without sound. In the end, 105 videos of 210 cats survived. They said it was the best way to study them in their natural environment.

The result was amazing. The remarkable result is that it is difficult to curb the behavior of cats.

They were classified into three groups, thus (mockery) may turn ethics upside down:

  • It happens that cats are friendly and playful with each other;
  • They happen to be hostile.
  • There are many other forms of behavior between the parties.
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But there are other notes!

The less noise you make, the more likely it will be a playful fight, and if one cat responds to the approach of the other, it rarely turns into a real fight, although this is not a stone either.

The head of the group, Noema Gajdoš-Kmecová, also turns out to be enthusiastic, enthusiastic, and eager to continue the research.

And what was really forward looking, they also gave advice on what to do if two cats were fighting, or apparently going to fight. Attention, secret practices are coming!

  • We must under no circumstances attempt to separate them by force,
  • Don’t yell at them
  • Let’s go into the room and start talking quietly,
  • Turn the lights on and off
  • turn on the TV or change the channel,
  • Put a pillow between them.

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