Fehérvár football team suffered 30 billion for three years

Fehérvár football team suffered 30 billion for three years

After the desperate performance, Nikolai Nemanja, who also went to the European Championship with the national team, expressed his disappointment.

“I had a very difficult time defeating this, I have been at the club for six years and it was arguably the most difficult, unfortunately. We have to take our responsibility, we did not deserve to move on. I think everyone should look inside themselves,” the forward said.

The recent ranking of the national team in the European Championships makes the current fall even more painful for the fans … Nicholas rightly said that the club has all the conditions for a good performance, in terms of physical performance.

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– Thanks to El-Performance’s performance for 2018, Fehérvár’s budget has jumped to around HUF 10 billion, and she has been able to maintain it. Perhaps this is largely due to MOL, which became the sponsor of the association’s name in the same year – explained Gabor Zappados, a sports economist.

Compared to the previous period, the almost 30 billion forints spent since the rally was enough to win the Hungarian Cup, and in 2019, for example, Vaduz of Liechtenstein said goodbye to the team at El. According to the club’s former coach, Laszlo Kis, sporting director Zoltán Kovács is primarily responsible for the failures.

“What we saw against Ararat is an honest reflection of what is happening at the club. It is incomprehensible how Zoltán Kovács can continue to work after so many failures and bad justifications, and should have quit long ago. The frame is full of foreigners who know no more than the Hungarian players. I don’t consider hiring Imre Szabics a mistake, but I will say they have a crew around whose members have almost no training routine.The expert said I wasn’t surprised at all by the leak.

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The club’s former national team goalkeeper, Janos Koszta, was not satisfied with the position of the players either.

“Unfortunately, I did not see them wanting to win, the team played comfortably and cautiously. While these footballers earn millions of forints a month, even if they do not enter the field. For years, players have come here, foreigners, most of them not up to the required level,” he says. Costa.

white castle

2018-2019: Championship runner-up, MK win, group stage

2019-2020: 2nd place championship, 2nd round qualifiers

2020-2021: League 3rd place, MK-silver, playoffs

2021-2022: Relegation to the first Europa League qualifiers


2018-2019: Championship title, first qualifying round

2019-2020: Championship title, group stage

2020-2021: Championship title, group stage BL

2021-2022: Qualification from the first UEFA Champions League qualifiers

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