Fédős Zé didn't feel so comfortable as a farm presenter

Fédős Zé didn’t feel so comfortable as a farm presenter

He doesn’t have many memories of the show.

Fords Ze newly Kadarkay they change behind the words Where they discussed, among other things, during the conversation, that the former RTL Club runner-up, Farm The show wasn’t very successful when Fördős told me he wasn’t satisfied with the project.

I was lamer. I missed enjoying it. The chef started me having a very serious conversation, which was telling me, ‘Enjoy, come on! And they left. For me, it’s pretty much stayed on, and I’ve been sticking with it ever since. I crowded there, and there were several reasons for this: then my privacy too … I woke up in the morning and did not feel it. If you’re a professional, it doesn’t show up. Where did you profit then? With my head today, I can no longer accept that I had to do Chef and Farm at the same time. I finished filming The Chef at 7pm, had a driver take me to Slovenia, pressed my current job, got back in the car at 2am, and took me to RTL in the morning, I did this for five weeks. If someone was a professional, they could handle their energies, but I couldn’t do that.

I’ve delved into the reasons:

If I say pharm, I’ll put on the jacket and the shoes I have to wear. Invented by designers. With today’s head, I would say let’s sit down before we start shooting, I’d say I’m not picking this up because I’m not feeling well. I picked up there tired, the shoes symbolizing to me everything that controls me, uncomfortable. He jumps inside now. I didn’t feel comfortable, although I should have done it like In The Chef. I was always going like cramping. I wanted to answer. Tell RTL we see you fit. I really wanted to get it done.

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