Federer spoke out against abuse of players online

Federer spoke out against abuse of players online

Roger Federer called on Emma Radocano and other young tennis players to help deal with criticism and abuse on social media, he wrote. Yahoo Sports.


Federer says Emma Radocano and other tennis players need help (Image: AFP, illustration)

Roger Federer He emphasized that if societal platforms had existed twenty years ago, he would not have known what to do with their harmful effects.

“I think we need more help, training and guidance for the younger generation.” Eight-time Wimbledon champion, who summoned: after Emma Radukano During his first appearance at Wimbledon, he withdrew from the fourth round due to breathing problems and later Osaka Naomi The two tennis players chose to snooze for longer due to mental health concerns, and the two tennis players received serious criticism across social media.

“There is always a negative comment for every ten nice comments, and of course there is a more focused comment on that. This is a terrible situation. Even if I feel bad, I know I need to be able to act a certain way in front of the world press.” Federer announced, adding: “HWe have to remember that tennis players are athletes and professionals, but they are also people.”

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