Farewell to Anna Grózer – MRSZ

Former 41-time national team player Anna Grozer, who passed away on January 24 at the age of 53, was escorted on her final journey today. With the following text, we remember the excellent volleyball player, beach volleyball player, coach, MRSZ employee:

Today was a very difficult, difficult, sad and serene day. We, volleyball players, stood by you and tried to address what could not be addressed with glassy eyes, teary eyes, and many questions in our heads: The smiling, kind, cheerful fellow, friend, fellow player, and role model Ancsa Grózer is gone.

It’s not fair that at such a young age! Moreover, it happened quickly, very quickly, because last year you taught the younger generation the tricks of playing volleyball with the usual fierceness, and your eyes always sparkled when you saw talented guys who – and who knows – might one day reach the same heights as you.

That’s right, it won’t be easy for them! Three titles in the Hungarian League, two victories in the Hungarian Cup, as well as the 10th place in the European Championship and 41 matches for the national team are results that few can achieve. Not to mention that after your futsal career, you were also one of the best guys on the beach! So much so that in September 2001 in Jesolo, Italy, you and Ilde Anchin took the prestigious 9th place at the European Championships, in an already very strong field of 24 pairs!

What beautiful times, how many happy, joyful, unforgettable moments that, when we reminded you, the sweet smile that we loved so much always appeared on your face, which made us feel better too! And this smile, dear Anchasa, will always be with us, and we will never forget you, just like you!

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That’s right, there is an indescribable sadness, emptiness and sadness in our souls now …

rest in peace!

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