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Far-right Vox party joins Orban's faction in European Parliament

Far-right Vox party joins Orban's faction in European Parliament

There are still three days to go before the constituent assembly of the Orbán family’s European faction on 8 July, and a new member has been announced. Spain’s far-right Vox party has decided to leave the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group and join the Patriots for Europe faction instead, The Guardian reports. According to a statement by party president Santiago Abascal. The party family behind the ECR faction is led by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, with whom Vox maintains a good relationship based on Abascal's statement.

Viktor Orbán, Herbert Kickl and Andrej Babiš, the leaders of Fidesz, the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) and the Czech ANO party, announced last Sunday that they would create a new faction called “Patriots for Europe”. The Portuguese Chega (“Enough”) organisation has since indicated it will join, which, like the FPÖ, has been a member of ID until now.

Balazs Orban, the prime minister's political director, confirmed Vox's intention to join Facebook:

Viktor Orbán maintains good relations with Spain's Vox party, and campaigned with the far-right party for the European Parliament elections in May.

The creation of a new faction requires at least 23 representatives from at least seven countries. With the three founders, the Nationalists only met the last requirement, along with Fox and Chega, and still need to get representatives from two member countries.

voice won six seats In the European Parliament elections in June, the European Council will have much fewer, while the number of nationalists will increase by that amount. The EP increases the number of the former to 84. Last result updated this morningwhich will remain 78.

As we have already written, and according to several newspapers, the far-right Identity and Democracy party could move partially or even completely to the new group. The ID will now have 57 members. Together with Fidesz with ten, plus ANO with seven and Vox with six, this will be 80 representatives. They will therefore have two more than the European Council without the Spaniards – unless they confirm someone there in the meantime, for example, Se Acabó la Fiesta (“The End of the Party”) is competing with Vox, which has just won three seats. (For the nationalists, we have not yet counted György Hölveny of the PDK, who is classified as an independent, and the smaller government party has not yet officially indicated that he will join. One of the founders of the faction, the Freedom Party of Austria, and Chega, who has announced his entry, also belongs to the ID.)

There is currently no official decision on whether Identity will be completely transferred. The faction is scheduled to hold its founding meeting on July 8, the same day as Patriots for Europe. On the other hand, the European Council announced at its founding meeting on July 3 that it had chosen the sole Estonian representative for the Identity Party, so the far-right faction will only have delegations from six countries if the FPÖ and Cziga leave.

“We will soon overtake everyone,” Viktor Orban said of the third- and then second-largest faction in the European Parliament in an interview broadcast on state television on Monday evening. “We also have a fairly detailed action plan,” he said, “and you will see from the list of participants we have agreed with in advance.”

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According to Bloomberg, the French National Pact, which has the most seats in the entire European Union, 30, may move from the identity, and Viktor Orban spoke about the possibility of Italians joining in his interview on Monday, under which the Italians would join the European Union. The league welcomed the new group enthusiastically, which could have been considered. Previously, Politico He wrote about it. To a paper called Domani In reference to the fact that RN and Liga may agree to leave ID, according to the Italian side, they will practically rename the current faction and expand it with the new group. To Politico Talk about itThey will decide on Monday: should the identifiers fully integrate into the new faction, or should they stay with the organization that was created in 2019.

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