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Far Cry 6 offers ray tracing on PC only

Far Cry 6 offers ray tracing on PC only

The developers considered other graphics features to be more important on the new consoles.

The sixth numbered part of the Far Cry open-world series of games is set to be available on October 7. The Cuban-inspired action doesn’t bring celestial novelties to the series, usually adding only secondary coils and mechanical novelties to its proven recipe over the years, but those who are on good terms with previous parts aren’t likely to disappoint this episode either.

Far Cry 6Source: Ubisoft

Interesting technical details have now emerged, WCCftechnek In a certain interview, a senior programmer on the technical team rendering the game revealed that ray tracing, or ray tracing, will only be available on the PC platform. Stephanie Brenham explains that this is because on the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions, providing other graphics features was more important than packet tracing, such as getting a steady 60fps feature in 4K.

The explanation is interesting in light of the fact that for other games, developers are starting to get used to providing multiple graphics modes, such as Spider-Man Miles Morales which delivers a 4K @ 60FPS presentation without packet tracing, while packet tracing fans get 4K @ 30FPS mode on Display resolution calculation They can activate the 60fps setting as well as radius tracking.

In addition to Far Cry 6 computers and current generation consoles, it will also be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia platforms.

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