Fans are worried about Zsuzsa Demcsák: I’m sorry that such a beautiful woman was so devastated

A large number of disturbing comments appeared under Zsuzsa Demcsák’s recent Instagram post. Almost all of them draw attention to one thing:

According to his followers, the TV personality has recently lost an alarming amount of weight.

It is understood that they relate this to the events of the past weeks. At the end of October, the presenter himself announced: Divorce her Indian husband.

“I am sorry that such a beautiful woman like you has been so devastated.” – One of Zsuzsa’s followers begins by telling her: She, too, hit rock bottom when her husband cheated on her and left her.

“Then I almost died of grief.”

I tell you, no one deserves to spoil you!

Commentator continued. It’s important to add: While writing about cheating, Zsuzsa explained when announcing the breakup: They and Krishan decided to divorce, and as friends, they will be there for each other in the future.

Many people are worried about Zsuzsa Photo: Instagram

Bad food in Dominica

Zsuzsa Demcsák money or love Travel to Dominica for filming. In his letter, he writes about his mother’s broth, regarding him Many commented on how worrisomely thin it is. In response, Zsuzsa herself stated:

There is really a bit of bad food here.

Zsuzsa Demcsak Instagram Comments
According to Zsuzsa, Dominican cuisine is not the real kitchen, and Hungarian cuisine is still much better Photo: Instagram
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