The Green Wave has overtaken another manufacturer: Dodge has promised to make the world’s first electric muscle car. The final version of this is expected to be revealed in 2024, so it’s possible that the prototype will be pulled from the cover soon.

American manufacturer Stellantis, which makes mid-size cars, vans, SUVs, and minibuses in addition to its muscle cars, plans to use one of the group’s electric platforms, the STLA Large, with acceleration of 900 hp in just two seconds (0-100 km/h) and a promise of 800 km/h. How many.

Although it is not yet clear whether it will be an electric version of the Charger or the Challenger what serum A model, or perhaps a completely new type, mentioned in the application, as the name implies, they do not actually produce an electric muscle car, but specifically muscular strength.

The announcement of Dodge may be another argument for those who still stick to traditional technologies. The bad news for them is also what is planned in Brussels for the next fifteen years: like bullets WroteThe sale of diesel cars will be banned in the Belgian capital from 2030, and gas stations will be closed after five years.