Families prayed in Maria Park in Palosporosmarti, Hungarian Post

Families prayed in Maria Park in Palosporosmarti, Hungarian Post

The high priest said in his sermon:

“You can live a full life if we begin to live for others out of love.

The dynamics of love again and again fills a person with energy, puts the center of gravity of his life outside himself, gives meaning to his life, so he does not lose anything, but wins everything. ”

The ceremony was celebrated by members of the Polín Order, Regional Governor Antal Puskas, and former Regional Governor Janos Porosos, who offered a Diamond Mass for Thanksgiving in Balosphorusmarter, Petór Butund, and the Balázs Iváncsy Local Diocese marking the 60th anniversary of his ordination. priesthood.

At the end of the liturgy, the high priest blessed the families involved.

The liturgical environment is also captivating: the Garden of Mary, which radiates tranquility – as part of the Way of Mary – is a place of pilgrimage, with opportunities for rest and restoration. The families who come here often take advantage of the place and listen to the Mass while sitting on the grass.

The dreamer and creator of the attractive and soothing garden was Laszlo Dobroca, the Pauline officer and his family. In the park, which is becoming increasingly popular with locals and visitors alike, you can admire several works of art: the statue of St. Paul the Hermit, the statue of Blessed Osip and a group of life-size sculptures to capture the moment of St. Paul. Stephen presents the Holy Crown to the Virgin Mary.

Eight years ago, Istvan Katuna, then auxiliary bishop of Eger, blessed the place where the Pauline brothers had lived and prayed for the nation for centuries.

All of their activities were a blessing, and their spirituality still influences settlement even today.

“We are grateful to them for taking up their holy calling, helping people who worship their thoughts, professing the love of Jesus Christ, and the need for reconciliation and forgiveness,” said Laszlo Dobroca.

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Source and image (partially archived): kekesonline.hu/Diocese of Eger

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