False news raided thousands of vaccination centers in the Philippines

Thousands rushed to vaccination centers in the Philippine capital, Manila, after rumors spread that residents who had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus would not receive assistance or would have to stay at home during the two-week quarantine that began on Friday.

In Manila, crowds suddenly wanted to vaccinate him on the spot

Photo: Ted Eljeb/AFP

Manila and its suburbs were closed until August 20 after the number of coronavirus infections began to rise due to the spread of the delta variable. In three other areas, including nearby Laguna County, a bribe was announced through August 15. The restrictions only allow those who work in vital sectors, are in a health emergency, or want to buy food to leave their homes. In the metropolitan area, there is a curfew from 8 am to 4 pm, and police checkpoints have been set up on the outskirts of the city.

A day before the quarantine began, rumors circulated on social media that unvaccinated people could not go to work or receive help. As a result, fans swarmed to vaccination points in Manila, Las Pinas, and Antipolo. In Manila alone, 22,000 appeared before the assigned centers at dawn, and many of them also came from neighboring provinces. The police had to intervene at the scene and bring the crowd home.

His critics blamed President Rodrigo Duterte for the chaos that followed. Duterte warned Filipinos last week that anti-vaccinators should not leave their homes to limit the spread of the delta type. However, the president acknowledged that there was no law allowing this restriction.

Local officials called on the public not to believe the false news circulated on social media and to follow the government’s official announcements.

In the Philippines, which has a population of over 108 million, 10.2 million people have so far been fully vaccinated and 12.2 million have received their first dose of the vaccine. There are 28,427 dead and 1.6 million infected with coronavirus in the country. (MTI)

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