Falling Stars at the Perseids: We can wish and admire

Falling Stars at the Perseids: We can wish and admire

The coolest fall of this year is coming soon. The most spectacular will be the Perseida meteor swarm on August 12 and 13.

During this period, we can see up to 20-30 bright stars per hour, provided that the sky is not covered with a coherent cloud. But with the maximum prevalence of Perseids, the colorful phenomenon can be seen in the earlier and later days.

You don’t have to worry about clouds this year, falling stars will be visible from dark to dawn.

What causes the amazing view?

Earth’s gravity attracts some objects from the swarm of meteorites. Upon reaching the Earth’s atmosphere, these meteors glow, and this amazing event is the phenomenon of falling stars from the Perseids, but they are also called St. Lawrence’s tears.

“Raw materials for natural fireworks of all kinds are provided by Comet 109P / Swift-Tuttle, which last visited us in 1992, and we have to wait until 2126 to bring it back. Burning small debris is a very attractive phenomenon,” states the Svábhegy Observatory website.

Where is it worth admiring the sky?

It’s worth checking out A week under the stars. As part of this, fifty telescopic shows are waiting for those interested. There will be astrological lectures in Baga, Balatonfoldvar, Heidupuszormeni, Salgutarjan, Szeged and Zselekisvalud, among others.

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