What To Do Once Fall Semester Starts

Fall classes have officially stated so it’s time to get back on our academic grind! Returning to college means, we can see the friends we missed so much, get our college freedom back, and cheer for the football team on Saturday game days. Even though returning to school can be fun and exciting, there are still many important things that must be done. And having a focused mindset the first few weeks of classes can help set you on the right track for the rest of the semester. If you’re unsure what things should get your attention upon first returning to college don’t worry, CampusLately is here to make sure you start this semester off right!

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Meet With Your Academic Advisor:

Most people wait until the end of the semester (when it’s time to register for spring classes) before they even considering popping in to see their academic advisor. It’s very important to have ongoing communication with your advisor throughout the entire semester. Sometime during the first month of classes, schedule an appointment with your advisor to touch bases on your academic career. During this meeting, be sure to ask any questions you might have and take the time to map out a real graduation plan (what classes you still need to graduate) if you haven’t done so already. Remember, your academic advisor is there too literally help you with any of your academic needs!

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Make A Schedule:

Having a set concrete schedule is a major key to staying on track throughout the school year. During the second week of classes, take some time to make a detailed schedule of your day-to-day routine. In this, including class time, club meetings, when you’ll go to the gym, and anything else you see yourself doing weekly. Freecollegeschedulemaker.com is a great site to help you make a detailed schedule, and as the semester goes on if things change you can always log back in and adjust your schedule accordingly. After you log in your schedule be sure to print it out and post it on the wall above your desk.

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Attend The Organization Fair:

Contrary to popular belief, the organization fair isn’t just for incoming freshman or transfer students so make sure you go! The org fair is a great way to find out what (new) clubs are going to be on campus that year and is a great networking event as well! Be sure to go with an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask for more information if you see a club that interests you.

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Attend The Job Fair:

Just like the organization fair, the job fair is a great networking event too. If your university holds one then make sure you’re there! Finding an internship or even a job on/close to campus can be tough competition. Attending the job fair however, can help you avoid possible competition and give you a chance to make a good first impression with your future employers.

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Meet With Your Financial Aid Advisor:

College students nationwide seem to unite when it comes to hating the financial aid office. However, if your financial aid package isn’t what it should be then you’ll have to put your hatred aside long enough to meet with your advisor. It’s best to pop in the financial aid office the moment you realize there is a problem instead of just waiting for them to contact you. Because if we’re being honest, the financial aid office isn’t always the most organized place on campus. So (if needed) take some time and schedule an appointment with whomever your financial aid advisor may be. Also, if everything is correct with your package it still couldn’t hurt to simply stop by and introduce yourself to your advisor. Just like your academic advisor, you want to build a relationship with your financial aid advisor as well.

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Keep in mind that the only person you’re competing against is yourself and the overall goal is to always do better than you did last semester! So stay focused, stay determined, and work hard this term. And remember CampusLately is ALWAYS here for all your college needs and we wish all our readers a successful school year!!

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