Factory antivirus can scan Windows 10

Factory antivirus can scan Windows 10

For one complainant, his bug consumed 30 GB of free space in 24 hours.

Unexpected misconduct Started Factory antivirus for Windows 10, according to the complaints, version 1.1.18100.5 of the engine version can write a huge amount of spam on the background of computers due to some kind of bug. The error does not affect all computers, there must be some conditions for the antivirus program to start taking up free space on the system drives.

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However, according to the complainants, if the avalanche starts, there is a problem, one of them created 950,000 files in 24 hours, which took a total of 30 GB of space. In principle, Microsoft has now solved the issue with the automatically installed update released on Windows Update, but anyone sure can also install it manually. To do this, you must begin to check for update on the Windows Update tab in the Update & Security section of the Enclosure app.

There are any unnecessary files that might be created in the folder C: ProgramData Microsoft Windows Defender Scans History Store and can only be opened by Windows in a file manager that has administrator privileges. The files in it can be safely deleted, and entering the folder with CTRL + A is the easiest way to locate all trash under one smoke.

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