Fact or fairy tale? This small Dutch village is a real fairytale place that you must see

This small Dutch village is like stepping into a fairy tale. The fictional village of Giethoorn in the county of Overijssel is a place that can only be reached on foot or by boat. Driving by car is prohibited.

Village story

the village It was discovered in 1230 by refugees who named it after their arrival. Because the horns of many dead goats were found in the village, it was named “Gethhorn”, which means goat’s horn. In 1958, the village was also featured in a Dutch film, after which it became very popular. Approximately 3,000 people live in the settlement, but many people come to visit the small jewel box, which has since become a tourist attraction. Most of the Chinese tourists are fond of the place, about 200,000 Chinese tourists come to admire it every year.

Many people compare the charming little village to Venice, but there are a lot of differences. Giethoorn, unlike Venice, is a quiet and cool place. No wonder they love Giethoorn, because with its 18th-century thatched-roof houses, water gushing between them and over 150 little wooden bridges, it’s as if we’ve been caught in a real fairy tale.

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A long canal system several kilometers long flows through the village and is only one meter deep.

Here, we don’t call a taxi if we want to hop over to a friend’s house, but a fisherman, canoe, kayak, or what’s called a “whisper boat,” which is powered by a very quiet electric motor. Since there are countless wooden bridges on the canals, a ship of any other size will not fit. In terms of environmental protection, it is the best place where the air is not polluted by the harmful exhaust of cars and buses.

Because of the wooden bridges, large watercraft cannot travel through the canals. Just imagine what a quiet and peaceful place it can be, where neither the sound of buses nor cars disturb the peace of those who want to relax. We can’t help but hear the quacking of ducks and the chirping of birds on the Isle of Tranquility.

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