Fact: You Fall in Love More Than Once

Valentine’s Day just passed, and it seemed to me like social media was flooded with more single, Valentine-less vibes and memes than actual couples and sweet gifts.

I also noticed that a lot of the high school or even college relationships I would have put my money on to never end, were already over.

Most of of us have had relationships that we also thought would never end. I mean, completely consumed with the other person. Talking on the phone all day and night, cute surprise dates and visits, matching outfits, madly in love…and one day it just stopped. It was like your heart was ripped out of your chest. You thought you would never get over it.

The truth is, you will get over it. You will more than likely feel like this again. Most people fall in love more than twice in their lifetime.

Of course you have your modern day Romeo and Juliet who find one another and never leave one another. But the rest of us will suffer. Statistics show we fall in love between 2 and 7 times in our lifetimes before you marry!

It makes sense. Remember in high school when your crush finally asked you out? You guys had a Myspace page together? You used to doodle his name in your notebook and make your future kids names by combining both your first names. You made plans to meet him at the mall and you swore you two wouldn’t break up

…then you did.

Then you fell again in college. You couldn’t do distance. So you all broke up.


Then you fell again ….well you get the point.

Some people argue that once you find true love, you realize all these other times was not real love.

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