Fact Check: Trump campaign is hiding Biden video quoting the Pope

The account did it again on Tuesday.

In a speech on Tuesday in Georgia, Biden, who is a Catholic from the church, quoted A. the post Published by Pope Francis In early October. In this text, the Pope criticized “aggressive nationalism” and anti-immigrant populism, called for a “better kind of politics” that emphasized love and urged politicians to ask themselves specific questions that he suggested directing them toward serving the public interest rather than their own. Own selfish motives.
The Trump campaign account created a seven-second clip that showed Biden just saying this: “Why am I doing this? Why? What is my true goal?” that chirp The brief clip, with a comment consisting only of the truncated citation, to 960,000 followers – creating the impression that Biden was questioning his candidacy.

Facts first: The Trump campaign tweet was very deceptive. Biden was quotes directly from Pope Francis when he posed these questions – then the former vice president promptly answered the questions.

Here is what Biden said: “In a recent public publication, Pope Francis warned us of this false populism that appeals to the“ worst and most selfish instincts. ”He continues,“ Politics is something nobler than attitudes, marketing and media. These things only sow division, conflict and dismal cynicism. To those seeking leadership, he said, we should ask ourselves very well, “Why am I doing this? Why? Pope Francis posed the questions that anyone seeking to lead this great nation must answer. My answer is: I am running to unify this nation, and to cure this nation. essential.”

The Trump campaign deception was perhaps noteworthy because it was a deception about a quote on the topic of making politics nobler. And it was also noteworthy because it was a deception of the Pope. Trump has it Accused Biden from being against God and religion.
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