Facebook makes WhatsAppot a shopping center with virtual storefronts

Facebook makes WhatsAppot a shopping center with virtual storefronts

It can be a valuable addition to small businesses that rely on WhatsAppra for sales.

Facebook has been slowly but surely looking for ways to recoup its investment in WhatsApp. Over the past few years, it has added a number of new features to the app for businesses. Now the holding company is straight Turn it into a shopping mall – In some countries at least – WhatsAppot.

Facebook introduced Shops in 2020 to convert Facebook and Instagram pages into digital storefronts, especially to meet the needs of small businesses. The company noted at the time that the feature would also be coming to WhatsApp (and Messenger), so the current announcement isn’t surprising.

In fact, the integration of Stores in WhatsApp appears to be basically a button display that clearly appears in chats and points to a store in a company. Although this doesn’t sound like much, it can be a valuable addition for small businesses that rely on WhatsAppra for sales. This is relatively rare in the United States, but common in other parts of the world. Store integration can help simplify sales while allowing customers to speak directly to store employees.

The company noted that the coronavirus has changed people’s buying habits and has shifted to online sales more often. Moreover, according to Facebook, “one in three shoppers worldwide say they plan to spend less time in the store after the pandemic is over, and nearly three-quarters say they receive shopping ideas from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp.”

Currently, 300 million people visit the stores every month, and WhatsApp integration is sure to increase that number. According to the company, the feature will soon be introduced in “select countries,” although it hasn’t been determined which one it will be.

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Read more about store updates, including visual search, ratings, reviews and augmented reality experience experiences in the Facebook blog post It’s in more detail.

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