FA Cup: Liverpool and Tottenham also made it unfavorable

FA Cup: Liverpool and Tottenham also made it unfavorable

Liverpool and Tottenham both beat their third-tier opponents at home in the third round of the FA Cup, making them 32nd. In the battle of the leading teams, West Ham United beat Leeds United 2-0. Among the teams in the Premier League, Wolverhampton and Norwich City also advanced.

Cade Gordon will forever be an unforgettable match against Shrewsbury (Image: AFP)

The Liverpool Cambridge United finished fifteenth in the third tier after beating Newcastle United Shrewsbury Town Received at Anfield. “Reds” a Keeler – C. Bradley (J. Norris, 90 + 2.), Konate, Van Dyck, Robertson (Semicass, 90 + 2.) – Morton, Fabinho, Dixon-Boehner (Firmino, 64) – K. Gordon (Frauendorf, 80.), Waltman (Minamino, pause), C. Jones assembly and production. Several coaches have been left out due to the coach’s decision, and Trent Alexander-Arnold has tested positive for coronavirus after competing against Chelsea.

To their surprise, the guests took the lead with a Daniel Odo kick – happily citing Nigeria’s Cristiano Ronaldo to score – but Liverpool were still in the first half; The scorer of the tie Cade Gordon At the age of 17 and 96, he progressed to become the second youngest goalscorer in the club’s history (the record is held by Ben Woodburn aged 17 years and 45 days).

After the break, the Hungarians, who had a great advantage of 83% of the ball, scored two more goals, the substitute Roberto Firmino In addition, he chose a very interesting way to score, taking a corner from Shrewsbury’s goal. Video here! The end result in overtime doubles Fabinho hiring.

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Harry Kane’s troubles with Morecambe (Photo: AFP)

It was extremely difficult to fight for passage spurs, who defeated 3 to 1 in third place Morecambe, That by the last twenty minutes, the guests were still driving. The player who substitutes two of the three goals of “Tottenham”, Lucas Moura And the Harry King happened. The interesting thing about the Brazilian striker is that he was already successful for the fifth time in his 13th game under Antonio Conte.

In the battle of the leading teams a West Ham United team Won at home 2-0 Leeds United against, while the Premier League teams advanced to Wolverhampton and army driver Norwich City He is.

English FA-CUP
32- The best

Liverpool – Shrewsbury Town (third) 4-1 (K. Gordon 34, Fabinho 44, 90 +3 – 1st of 11, Firmino 78, Udoh 27)
Tottenham Hotspur – Morecambe (third) 3-1 (Winx 74, Lucas Moura 86, Kane 88, A. O’Connor 33)
West Ham United – Leeds United 2-0 (Lanzini 34., Bowen 90 + 3.)
Wolverhampton Wanderers – Sheffield United (II) 3-0 (Podence 14., 80., N. Semedo 72.)
Charlton Athletic (third) – Norwich City 0-1 (Rashika 80.)
Nottingham Forest (Second) – Arsenal 1-0 (83 pods.) – Read more here!
Luton Town (II.)The town of Harrogate (IV.) 4-0
Stoke City (II.)– Lytton Orient (IV.) 2-0
Cardiff City (II.)– Preston North End (II.) 2-1 – after extension

play on monday
Manchester United vs Aston Villa.television: Spiler1)

Fourth round pairing
Crystal Palace
– Hartlepool United (IV.)
Bournemouth (2nd) – Borham Wood (5th)
Huddersfield Town (II.) – Barnsley (II.)
Peterborough United (II.) – Queens Park Rangers (II.)
Cambridge United (III.) – Luton Town (II.)
Southampton– Coventry City (II.)
Chelsea– Plymouth (III.)
Everton Brentford
Kidderminster (sixth) –West Ham United team
Manchester United / Aston Villa– Middlesbrough (II.)
Tottenham Hotspur – Brighton
Liverpool– Cardiff City (II.)
Stoke City (II.) – Wigan Athletic (III.)
Nottingham Forest (II.) –Leicester City
– Fulham (II.)
Wolverhampton – Norwich City
Leading teams are written in bold
The fourth round matches will be played on the weekend of February 5-6.

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