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Even Daniel Ricciardo is being dragged by the rope: it is not enough that he has been struggling with McLaren for nearly two years now, the Australian can wait for the 2023 F1 season without a safe place. In addition to all this, there were also two incidents that the pilot was not happy with.

Ricciardo has been in the news with many teams before, but as the season progresses, the potential opportunities dwindle. He himself realizes that, in fact, he already knows what he will actually do next year. So far, the competitor has not officially announced his plans to the public, but in a video filmed before the Dutch Grand Prix, Red Bull revealed its former pilot.

The McLaren driver spoke to Sergio Perez ahead of the drivers’ parade in Zandvoort, which was also posted by energy fans on their Instagram story. However, in the few seconds of the footage, Ricciardo was clearly heard saying:

… take a year off and come back in the year 24 …

According to press reports, Ricciardo had received $ 16 million from his team for his services in 2023, but the parties finally agreed to a compensation of $ 10 million (4.06 billion HUF). This is perhaps the most delighted nine-time race winner, who was mocked by the staff responsible for F1’s broadcast.

Before the Grand Prix, the official presentation program on F1TV does not have the usual picture of the driver Daniel Ricciardo – McLaren They posted an inscription, but Daniel Ricciardo – Fight Again McLaren text. All this can be seen in the two screenshots below.

Formula 1: Ricciardo stabbed in the back, his future revealed 1Formula 1: Ricciardo stabbed in the back, his future revealed 2