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F1 Japanese Grand Prix Could Be Held in Spring – Will the 2024 Calendar Turn Upside Down?

F1 Japanese Grand Prix Could Be Held in Spring – Will the 2024 Calendar Turn Upside Down?

According to a Japanese politician, the date of the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix may change from autumn to spring. All of this suggests that the 2024 competition calendar may undergo a massive transformation.

Between two European races, the Formula 1 field moved to ‘nearby’ Canada last weekend. They’ve already made a similar trip before, arriving in Miami from Baku to begin performing in Europe. Many were baffled by the fact that the two American races were not paired when the 2023 race calendar was announced last season, but that wasn’t the only oddity in this year’s schedule.

With 22-24 races constantly condensing into the championship, efficiency becomes an increasingly important issue: teams are increasingly annoyed by the number of races when they have to make huge trips for one Grand Prix, say to Australia, from Baku to Miami or from Europe to Canada and back. In addition, this is not the most profitable strategy in terms of net carbon neutrality that F1 wants to achieve by 2030.

The Formula 1 presidency has already indicated that 2023 will be the last such year, from 2024 the schedule will be rationalized and more emphasis will be placed on grouping races according to geography. There are limits, of course. Canada, for example, announced before its current rival that it does not know a better time in the calendar for its rival, because in addition to weather conditions, other local activities also reduce the space for movement.

Suzuka (Photo: XPB)

However, the new competition calendar may still be undergoing a major shift – at least according to news from Japan. Local politician Keiji Furuya indicated on his social media page on Tuesday that next year’s Japanese Grand Prix is ​​expected to be held in the spring.

The Formula E race will take place at the end of March next year, and the Formula 1 race will take place in Suzuka the following week. Politician wrote.

Based on this, it can be calculated when Suzuka, whose date is set for September in this year’s calendar, will host F1 in 2024. The FIA ​​confirmed on Wednesday that the Formula E race in Tokyo will take place on March 30, which means that the Japanese Grand Prix for Formula 1 may take place on April 7, according to the politician.

There was no race at Suzuka at this time of year. However, the circuit was closed, because although the Honda-operated track was only introduced in the King class in 1987, the first race there was planned for 1985, that is, on April 7th. The event was then postponed over two years due to a major track renovation, and was first held in November 1987.

Incidentally, the possibility of a spring date has been a topic of discussion in Formula 1 for years, after the Japanese Grand Prix has put its stamp on the Japanese Grand Prix several times over the years to be held during the local typhoon season. Last year’s competition was also suspended for a while due to heavy rain.

Suzuka (Photo: XPB)

Early history suggests that Formula 1 may make the Suzuka race part of a Tour of the Far East from the Pacific. If he returns, the Chinese Grand Prix is ​​expected to also be given a spring date, and Australia will also be able to host F1 around this time.

It was said earlier that next year’s season will start in Saudi Arabia instead of Bahrain, but at the present time it is not clear how the Arabic site will be placed at the beginning of the two years in the program by dissolving it between March 10 and April 9. The problem of rain collides with Ramadan. Also, it will be interesting to see how the US races stack up with Miami and Canada sticking to the early dates and Austin and Las Vegas sticking to the October/November dates.

F1 boss Stefano Domenicali explained in a recent interview that 24 races are considered the limit in a year, and he considers that the ideal number. Since the return of the South African Grand Prix is, according to press reports, off the agenda, the debut of a new venue is not yet on the horizon. However, the 24 races could still happen, as Spa is expected to be saved by the elimination of South Africa, and Imola and Shanghai could return.

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