Max Verstappen made history by winning the first sprint qualifying in Formula 1 history at the British Grand Prix, but the most exciting production is that of Fernando Alonso with the Alps.

Unlike most stadiums, the Spaniard put on soft but not soft tires for the 17 lap race. It came for him at the start, improving six places by the start of the show, crossing the finish line in fifth starting with eleventh.

Whatever the defensive, the Alpine Spaniards were thinking the limits of regularity, and in the end both teams couldn’t keep up. However, in seventh place, he became the most improved driver in the sprint.

“We made a good decision,” points out the best of 2005 and 2006 tire selection. “The start was huge, the first lap went well, but the wear was good, it was bigger on the red side tyres, but it didn’t really go away until I became undrivable.”

“It was very intense for 4-5 seconds or a minute at first, but after that my race was too long. I know it was qualified for sprinting on the outside, but for me it was more like a marathon,” Alonso was aiming for the constant pressure of defense. “I was a bit out of place, we didn’t have the pace for fifth. We had to give up that position in favor of McLaren, but we kept Sebastian behind. [Vettel – a szerk.]. Seventh place would be good for the race,” he looked forward.

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