F1 2022: So extra, so amazing, you have to watch (video)

Additional real onboard recordings were selected by the official editors of Formula 1, which we will not miss in any way.

The Race Circus will be visiting another location soon, but in the meantime we still have some time to tackle our last racing weekend. Fortunately a lot has happened, so we shouldn’t get bored even if we don’t have a race now.

The domain returned to Europe, which many enjoyed, as the Italian track like Australia is much more accessible to those who live on this continent, even if only because of the long journey. And Imola was a great choice for those who chose to follow the action right away.

We had some feelings about Melbourne but luckily it wasn’t long after that because the Italian weekend made up for us so much. We couldn’t complain, everything went as written in the ledger.

An exciting start for George Russell from Imola with a flying Ferrari in front of him (video)

So there was rain, drama, ups and downs, etc. The race was really exciting, taking a dramatic turn for Charles Leclerc, and Lando Norris taking the opportunity with McLaren.

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