Ezra Miller apologized for his behaviour

Ezra Miller apologized for his behaviour

Legendary animal movie star Ezra Miller has broken his silence after the past few months He was arrested several times. He apologized and said he would get treatment for his mental issues.

“I recently went through a period of crisis, and now I realize I have complex mental health issues and have started treatment,” Miller wrote in a statement to Variety on Tuesday.

Ezra Miller in 2017

Photo: Robin Beck/AFP

He also wrote that he wanted to apologize to everyone who upset him with his past behaviour. The actor is committed to returning his life to a “healthy, safe and productive phase”.

According to the indictment, Miller harassed and entrapped teenage children, fell in love with strangers, and on one occasion threatened a married couple to bury them in his own apartment. The actor has also appeared in the Beasts of Legend and Justice League films, and next year The Flash will be presented with him as the main character. According to some reports, Warner is already planning to break up with the actor, and Miller may be permanently removed from the DC movie world. A source close to the studio told Variety that Warner supports Miller’s decision.Watchman)

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