Extremely Dangerous Criminals has become the most-watched movie in Netflix history

Extremely Dangerous Criminals has become the most-watched movie in Netflix history

It’s gotten cold rather than warm from critics, but it hasn’t really affected the casual viewer, many of whom are based on Netflix’s new action-adventure movie Over $200 Million, Highly Serious Criminals, starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot we can see . It became apparent in the first few days that the movie looked like a huge hit, but this amazing performance probably surprised most analysts as well.

As reported after “opening weekend”, high-risk criminals were released in 4.2 million households in the first three days after the premiere, as measured by SamfTV, which is independent of Netflix (this only applies to households with smart TVs with data on him). can be requested). That alone was a winning result, with two more places on the podium against Mortal Kombat (3.8 million) and Godzilla Kong (3.6 million).

Now, however, Dwayne Johnson himself (in the company of his trademark Tequila of course) has declared that Extremely Dangerous Criminals only took 11 days to become the most-watched Netflix movie of all time, pushing the previous Leading Birds movie out of the box as well. . And if you did all of that, well, many, many viewers rated what they saw as 92%, which isn’t a bad score at all, especially after poor reviews.

“We made history with high-risk criminals around the world this Thanksgiving weekend. It only took 11 days for ‘High Dangerous Criminals’ to become the biggest movie ever made on Netflix. We broke all previous records with it! It became It’s a global cultural phenomenon that Netflix is ​​the most watched content of all time, including movies and series. I can’t find the words, and I’m so grateful for such a great rating by 92% of our audience. Attention, spoiler! I think I’ve found Cleopatra’s third egg!”

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Dangerous Criminals has become the most-watched movie in 11 days, but there’s another prize to collect: The title of most Netflix-watched content is still winning your life, and it won’t be easy for the Rocks if the South Koreans also want to hold back your sense…

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