Extreme weather wreaks havoc in Australia, with many settlements flooding

Extreme weather is raging in the northwest region of Australia, many settlements are inundated due to flooding, and the reign has caused power outages in many places.

Emergency Management Minister Murray Watt said on Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Thursday that it could be weeks before flooded roads reopen in the Kimberley region in and around the small town of Fitzroy Crossing.

The army is mobilized to help people living in flood-affected areas. The authorities set up reception centers in the city of Broome for those who had to leave their homes because of their sentence.

Australian electric company Horizon Power announced: As a precautionary measure, electricity has been cut off in the affected area due to the extremely high water level.

There have also been reports of extreme weather events from other parts of Australia. More than 200,000 lightning bolts were spotted in eastern Queensland on Wednesday night, Radio 9News reported, and thousands of people north of Brisbane were left without power due to the storm.

In the southwestern part of the country, in the federal state of Western Australia, bushfires are raging around the town of Newlands, which authorities say they are currently unable to control.

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