Extreme cold was measured in Great Britain – alon.hu

More than six decades of unprecedented cold in February were measured on Thursday in Britain.

In a national summary published in the afternoon, the British Weather Service said it was in the eastern Scottish town of Braemar at 8:13 am local time. Negative 23 ° C was measured.

According to the report, it has been very cold this month since February 23, 1955, that is, it has not been in Britain in 66 years.
And the Meteorological Institute stressed that Even the harsh winter of 1962-1963 was not a cold February night.

Bremar also set the absolute cold record for Britain at 27.2 degrees below zero; This was measured on January 10, 1982 in the county town of Aberdeenshire.

The same cold record was set by the village of Altnaharra in northern Scotland on December 30, 1995.

Britain as a whole was very cold for days, with snow covering most of the country. It has also caused temporary problems in providing coronavirus vaccines in some places. In these parts of the country, military transport vehicles are helping deliver vaccine shipments.

Some easing is expected to begin in southwest England from this weekend.
At the same time, the British Meteorological Institute confirms that this will be a rather slow process, as it will be difficult to displace the cold air mass coming from Russia due to the moderate air flow from the Atlantic Ocean.

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